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Table No. 3

Designed in both a low and dining version, this table utilised the Divine Proportion, or Golden Rectangle for its top dimensions. Using contrasting wood for the legs and top – Mahogany and Ash shown here – the rectilinear top flows down into the legs in what I call ‘poured joinery.’

Sophia Rocker

Designed when my daughter was born, I set out to make a simple but extraordinarily comfortable rocking chair. Some have said it is the most comfortable rocker they have ever experienced. The deeply sculpted saddle and flexible spindles contribute to the comfort. Here shown in Ash and Cherry with wedged tenons on the spindles and legs and pegged bridle joints at the rockers.

Stool No. 6

Many Tractor-seat inspired stools exist. This one elevates the genre to pure sculpture. The seat is crafted from a single plank and carved to its fullest expression, revealing the unique grain patterns from deep inside a tree. The underside of the saddle flows seamlessly into the contrasting legs down to the carved foot rail.

Lounge Chair No. 2

Winner of a 2016 Niche Award and Nova Scotia Masterworks Award Finalist, this lounge chair is a sculptural modern take on the iconic Windsor chair. The curved back crest swoops down to wide comfortable arms. With its deep, cosseting seat and spindles that match the lumbar curve, sitting in this chair is akin to sinking into solid wood.

Lounge Chair. No. 3

Some 500 hours went into the design and making of this chair. Winner of a 2017 Arts and Crafts Design Award, it is the epitome of Sculptural Organic Modern design. Thick slabs of Walnut are shaped by hand, then polished and oiled to delight touch and sight. The carbon fiber seat shell is covered with minimal padding and hand-stitched leather.

Art Deco Hall Chair

A unique commission based on a Ruhlmann design, this beautiful chair deviates from the original with a scalloped backrest. Made from Indian Rosewood and Italian leather. String inlay and stockings complete the opulence.