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Made From Fiona

Inspired by the windswept waves of the Northumberland Strait, the deeply sculpted arms provide an extraordinary visual and tactile experience. The hand-stitched saddle leather upholstery reflects the way strong winds press materials onto rigid structures. Hand carved into the back crest are the GPS coordinates of the tree where it was uprooted. This chair provides a narrative of forging something good from the destruction that Hurricane Fiona wreaked upon the Atlantic provinces.

This project touched me very deeply. In 1982, my parents implemented a forestry plan for our 360 acre farm. Fire roads were built, fire ponds dug. Harvesting and planting took place. Thinning and selective cutting was undertaken over the years. It was the forest I grew up in; a forest that stoked my love of wood. 40 years later, on September 24, 2022, within a 12-hour period, Hurricane Fiona destroyed it utterly.

Many people in the region have experienced similar loss. The
collaboration between Timberland Canada and Jonathan Otter seeks to bring relief to those most in need. The proceeds from the sale of this chair will go to the relief efforts of charities still involved in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona. If you are interested in submitting a bid on this rare piece, please visit